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Specifications VC LINE                                   
Frequency range60Hz-20.000Hz ±3dB
Power capacity500Wrms + 100Wrms at 16ohms / 1200Wpeak
Sound pressure level140dBpeak single element
Dispersion120°/0°-15° variable single element VALTEC™ Beam-steering
in increments of 1.25°
Crossover frequency1000Hz active
Drivers2x 8" ND cone and 1.75" diaphragm
AmplifierKS CA4D or KS TA4D
ProcessingKS D MOD 2 or KS F MOD in BI-amp mode / FIR filtering
Connectors2 SPEAKON NL4
Size (h/w/d)260/580/405cm
FeaturesIntegrated C-flyware

Foam or Grill front


Very easy to fly


Even eassier to stack


KS Audio has established a reputation as a producer of excellent line array systems for professional users. With the C LINE, KS Audio sets the benchmark in compact Line Array systems, a system that meets the highest requirements for high sound quality.

Completely new and revolutionary is the variable vertical beam angle. This latest version of the C LINE is named VC LINE with the V of VALTEC™.

With the VALTEC™ waveguide, KS ensures that even large and far-field arrays can be realized without interferences where the wavefronts of different elements overlapping eachother in the HF range. This means that the dreaded comb filter effect does not occur.

In the nearfield where the array is stronger curved there are more even frequency levels without high-frequency drops.

In case of the VC LINE, VALTEC™ is used to set the vertical radiation of the HF range per element stepless between 0° and 15°. the mechanical curving is done in steps of 1.5°

The VC LINE consists two 8" cone speakers with neodynium magnets operating in the range between 60Hz and 1KHz (±3dB) The 1.75" diaphragm HF driver operates from 1KHz and it is mounted to the VALTEC™ acoustic lenses which then is conected to KS very accurate waveguide. The horizontal spread is wide 120°.

On the back of the VC LINE there is a rotatable knob with which the vertical beam angle can be easily adjusted. The only thing the user has to do is to set the VALTEC™ setting equal to the mechanical curvature of the element. Adjusting the mechanical angle is done by the guide rail mounted in the middle of the back of the VC LINE element.

It is possible to rig 16 elements of the VC LINE to one bumper, possibly in combination with C WH subwoofers.


NO CERTIFIED TRAINING is required to align and adjust the VC LINE

The VC LINE Array is uniquely easy to use. The precisely calculated presets of KS AUDIO in combination with the easy to operate VALTEC™ system makes it possible for personnel without special "Line Array" training to work very successfully with the VC LINE. KS AUDIO made the use of VC LINE Array self-explanatory.

Measurements and listening sessions have proven that VALTEC™ results in a huge improvement in Line Array performance.